After many years of partnership with important industrial companies, SEM puts at your service a powerful team whose skills, know-how and imagination will find adapted solutions to packaging needs.

With a design bureau equipped with CAD (Catia V5), we are able to study all specific demands and offer tailor-made solutions resolving technical, aesthetic and economic requests.

  Handling tray - Car industry
Transport tray - Car industry  

All specific developments pass through a "prototype" stage. Then, the cushions are tested by the customer and internally by our quality office, according to the requests imposed by the specifications. Our fully equipped laboratory enables to test the efficiency of the prototypes.

After validation of prototypes, we develop all the moulds needed for the industrial production. To ensure a regular production, internal and specific controls (depending on specification) are implemented throughout the process. Finally, our storage capacity enables us to ensure safety stock to react to any eventual unforeseen orders.

  Protection cushions - Electronic industry
 Fibre packaging means...     
- Absorption of shocks and vibrations often better than synthetic materials commonly used

- Possibility of complex shapes
- Possibility of large dimensions
- Pre-cut, hinges…

- Cushions designed to be stacked, allowing gains in storage and transport
- Ease of implementation
- Adaptable to all automated packing lines

- Made from recycled paper, molded fibre is biodegradable and recyclable in the same
circuit as papers and cardboard.

 Industrial packaging