Made from paper fibres shaped on moulds, molded fibre brings all the guarantees of a material that combines high-performance technology and environmental protection. It is an economic, ecological and innovative material.

The many benefits of molded fibre can bring added value to your packaging projects. 

• Innovative material, molded fibre will naturally fit your environmental policy and sustainable development, while offering innovative and original solutions.

• Recent European studies have shown that if they have the choice, consumers tend to favour molded fibre packaging. In fact, nearly 9 on 10 people questioned would choose molded fibre rather than a synthetic material.

• Molded fibre enables to avoid additional costs due to national or international regulation on packaging wastes. For instance, in some countries, taxes may be almost 10 times higher for plastic packaging than for molded fibre.

• Molded fibre helps to value the waste packaging, instead of being a cost.

  Handling tray - Car industry
Recycled papers  

Molded fibre now offers packaging solutions which combine ecology and performance :

• Made from secondary fibres (recycled papers) the molded pulp industry represents an important link in the recycling paper chain. It contributes to the preservation of forest resources, and the economy of fossil fuels.

• Composed of vegetal fibres (wood), molded fibre can be easily recycled. Molded fiber packaging can then return in the paper chain to be recycled or can be composted.


The combination of SEM experience and know-how added to molded fibre qualities, ensures highly reliable packaging :

• Optimal absorption of shocks and vibrations

• Naturally static-free

• Insensitivity to extreme temperatures

• Ability to stacking and nesting: reducing storage spaces

  Stacking and nesting capacities
 Molded fiber is...     
100% recycled
Fully made from recovery papers

100% recyclable and

Recyclable in the same circuit as papers and cardboard

Meets the requirements of sustainable development while providing innovative and reliable solutions

Great consumer’s perception
Powerful environmental image towards consumers.

Economies on environmental
taxes, recovery of waste packaging